sept 2012: our NETworks have been published on "HIGH TOUCH- Tactile design and visual exploration" edited by Gestalten... a great collection of tactile design ;-)

march 2012: our book is out!!! click here if you want to browse GREETINGS FROM OUTSIDE THE INSIDE a postercardbook by Pamela Campagna and Thomas 'omi' Scheidrbauer edited by our recently born VA BENEŠ · radical books :-)

nice!: one of our posters was selected for a new HOW book on typography: Mastering Type: The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design written by Denise Bosler. release date june 2012

end of february - finally! our POSTERCARDbook - greetings from the inside the outside is on its way to the print shop! around the 10th of march the first 100 should arrive in Seville. We as well.

January 2012 - new flat, new studio, even a laboratory.. which Pam shares with Rossella and Rosina (nata libera - bags and textile prints) in an old ex-carpentry. Pam is quite fed up with computer working, every time more she uses all hands and body, instead of only her fingertips..

working on our postercardbook.. the first presentation date for Seville we must pospone..guess it will be march 2012.. but the good news are that we are founding Va Beneš - radical books! A small tralala editorial

november 2011 – it became quite on the job-side..very quiet.. whole Puglia seems like to fall into a cultural sleep.. so we start to concentrate on visual experiments, doing threat and nail portraits

july 2011 - after UNICEF-Sevilla, UNICEF-Madrid calls! seems that they liked our work of the book we did on the Seville-summit! so right now we're just starting to work on another publication for them..

almost july 2011 already! we just came back from Lathi, Finnland where we met our dear friend Sergio Olivotti and enjoyed an excellent show in Lathi Poster Museum!

end of june 2011 - we decide that our “postercardbook” will finally reflect on our first five years of collaboration, so it will be launched not earlier then january 2012.

we are surprised and happy how well things start for L-able in Puglia! It really looks like that this love is mutual :-)! after the government of Mr. Berlusconi overwhelmingly lost in all four points the referendum (NO nukes, twice NO private water, NO extra laws for the super-privileged) we feel even more at home!

may 2011 - Mana Rahnama from Iran who lives in Germany is organizing an international poster competition - SUNSHINE FOR JAPAN - in order to help the victims of the natural- and nuke-disaster in Japan. We are honored to be asked to be part of the jury panel.

april 2011 - we just finished the website for Daniela Corbascio, a really interesting artist form puglia >> have a look!

march 2011 - UNICEF Andalusia calls... they want to do a book with us.. about a summit they held in 2010 in Seville. with pleasure we accept!

february 2011 - we are happy that Benedetta Brevini, an italian journalist who works in London and a lot on the subject of the absence of freedom of expression in Italy, is using our PRESS_ident in order to illustrate here critical inquiries in the Guardian!

february 2011 - happy to read: one of our works (the giraffe again) was selected for this years poster biennial of Lathi in Finland. We think that’s a good reason to visit this famous poster town in June!

december 2010 - We decide to do a little “postercardbook” about our first 4 years of collaboration! With this book we'll try to close down a graphic chapter and to open up a new one. If everything goes well you can see its result in early summer 2011!

middle of september 2010 - 11th Triennial of the Political Poster - Mons, Belgium! What a pleasure to pick up the third prize for our PRESS-ident! First of all because we can meet and talk and listen to Anne-Thérèse Verschueren (coordinator of the triennial), Alain le Quernec, Mohammad Jamshidi, Seung-Hoon Nam and Vincent (our all translator!) ! You can see a short docu about the exhibition here!

beginning of september 2010 - back in POLIGNANO A MARE! search/find a new flat/studio – we install ourselves after almost three months of honeymooning around Europe and reboot L – a b l e!

26 june 2010 – YES JA SIIIIIIIII

may 2010 - our brave friend Hervé invited us to be part of the on line preselection jury of the next edition of Poster4tomorrow - DEATH IS NOT JUSTICE: this time the controversial theme is on the Death penalty and the exhibitions will be held worldwide on the 10/10/10 – the international day against death penalty.

april 2010 - our friend Sergio organizes DESIGN VERSUS POVERTY a competition and than some (also street) expositions on the theme of poverty. One of our proposals is the cover of the catalog and another one was part of the exibition!

march 2010 - NICE surPRIZE! we always wanted to go there, now we even can go
to pick up the third prize: Triennial of the
Political Poster - Mons, Belgium. So maybe see you in September in Mons!

march 2010 - Lucia a friend of us forwards
an e-mail/invitation from the CCOO (Comisiones Obreras – a Spanish labor union) and spontaneously we do three “emotional posters” for the 8th of march - “Día internacional de la Mujer". The three works are, together with other 17, exposed in Seville's town hall and can be visited until the beginning of April 2010.
Have a look at a short video about the opening.

december 10th 2009 – we inaugurate poster4tomorrow in the faculty of fine arts in Seville. Have a look here to see the images from the simultaneous inaugurations all around the world. In the accompanying catalog Roberto Saviano writes a brilliant essay!

end of november 2009 – our poster the PRESSident gets selected for poster4tomorrow!

beginning of november 2009 – we get asked if we'd like to organize poster4tomorrow in Seville. yes we do! just some phonecalls and we have the okay to that in the center yard of the faculty of fine arts of Seville.

end of october 2009 - the GOOD50x70 book arrives and looks great: BIS Publishers, Amsterdam – ISBN 978-90-6369-218-6 our poster IT'S HIGH TIME is in best company!

13th of june 2009 – Pam leaves to Milan to join a workshop with Yossi Lemel. one of the posters Pam creates - THE ANATOMY OF WAR - gets also chosen for the GOOD50x70 exhibition at the Trienale, Milan.

june 2009, our new website is online! more simple and reduced to the poster works, but the old site remains linked online >>

june 2009, r_evolution got selected for ManifestaZOOne 2009, july in the Giardini Fresia in Cuneo and under >>

may 2009 :-)) one of our posters was selected by a great jury in a great context! >> (see gallery > global warming) and will be exhibited in june09 at La Trienale in Milan - GOOD 50X70

april 2009 - our ghost ghosts to Rome! shown with the other selected museum-bookshop-products until may in il Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

April 2009 - AntiAIDS – Ucraina - International poster competition, the-not-saint got shortlisted >>

october 2008 - Lukas Benes calls!: “bad news folks, your chewing attaction won!” :-)) the international poster of Sokolov Film Festival, (CZ) - a competition on the theme of attraction - >>

july 2008 - DAB - design for the art museum bookshop – the ghostapron got selected and will be produced by misstake, Milan

may 2008 - Graphisme dans la rue Parigi - International poster competition – remote city got selected again :-) and will be shown from the 31 of may until the 30 of june in La Galerie de l’Ecole d’artes plastiques di Fontenay sous Bois in Parigi and under >>

may 2008 - ManifestaZOOne – Cuneo, International poster competition, second prize with remote city! ..and will be shown in july08 in Cuneo ai in the giardini Fresia and under >>

january 2008 - Helvetica - Linotype Bad Homburg - International poster competition > 50 years of Helevetica – both our works get selected and shown under >>

october 2007 - Love your Earth got shortlisted and will be exposed with the other 99 posters out of 3871 in the 100%design fair in Tokyo and in Seoul and under >>
winner. php?contest_pk=20

october 2006 - L-able's first site goes oline

august 2006 - Mundo Fantasio in Navia, Asturias - concept, graphics and project presentation in collaboration with c a l c and Lastudio/arquitectura. the future cultural center Fantasio in Navia is presented on a public party event on the 14th of august 06 and under >>