“Dark Matter,” an installation alluding to environmental disasters, is the first specific visual created for Dutch architect and artist Maurice Nio, of the studio NIO architecten. The installation is currently on display through September 2, 2012, in the Castle of Barletta.
We thought of interpreting this poster as an environmental disaster, similar to that of a shoreline devastated by an oil spill.
The poster was technically realized with a stencil of the logo created with a laser cut on a metal sheet. The sheet was then moulded onto fresh clay, thus removing it, creating a 3D effect. We poured black nail polish on the lines and letters, and that’s it! There was no Photoshopping, no retouching, just pure photography and natural daylight.

media: posters, brochures, catalogues, invitations, web
client: Intramoenia Extrart–Eclettica cultura dell'arte
concept + realization: L-ABLE (Pamela Campagna + Thomas Scheiderbauer) + QB (Carla Palladino + Ed Testa)