We were asked to develop the image for Watershed: a multidisciplinary project articulated in a series of artistic events, exhibitions, residencies, and cultural exchanges between the north and south of Europe; specifically the cities of Barletta and Margherita di Savoia, located in Southern Italy’s Apulia Region, and the cities of Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Stockholm.
Knowing that in every city something new will be happening we first developed a general identity for Watershed, which will then be interpreted with a specific visual inspired by the artists’ interventions or the location hosting the event.
The typeface used for this project is Estilo, a very elegant ‘30s style headline font designed by Dino dos Santos. The typeface was modified to create the structure of a hydrographic basin, thus “watershed,” a sort of conceptual map representing the interconnectivity between the underlining theme of water and the artists and the cities that will host their works.

media: posters, brochures, catalogues, invitations, web
client: Intramoenia Extrart–Eclettica cultura dell'arte
concept + realization: L-ABLE (Pamela Campagna + Thomas Scheiderbauer) + QB (Carla Palladino + Ed Testa)