Yes! we published our very first book!

a postercard book by Pamela Campagna and Thomas omi Scheiderbauer

EDITOR: Lukáš Beneš
CONCEPT + DESIGN: Thomas omi Scheiderbauer + Pamela Campagna
RELEASE DATE: March 2012
FORMAT: 15 ×17 x 2,8cm
CONTENT: 162 pages / 54 full color perforated postcards + texts, hard cover silkscreened in 5 different colors
LANGUAGES: English and the mother tongues of the writers (Italian, German, Czech, Spanish)
TEXTS BY: Raquel Romero Babío + Curro Aix Gracia, Jana Hadravová + Lukáš Beneš, Annette Spohn + Stefan Münker, Anna Arezzo + Fabio Santacroce, Pam + omi
ISBN: 978-80-260-1665-6
ABOUT:  This is a book made out of 54 large postcards you can tear out, write and send. All works are made by us during our first 5 years of collaboration.

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